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Life coach , Human Connection Specialist, Sexpert
Motivational Speaker & Podcast Host

Jennifer Hazzard



Jennifer’s mission in life is to help leaders become more successful and happier, using the most efficient path possible. Her clients experience amazing improvements in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal setting and attainment, creativity, stress reduction and work/life balance.










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Hana McCarley- O'Neill

Director of Guest Relations at NoMad Hotel London

“Having taken Jennifer’s E.I. Training in the past, I was so excited to bring it to my team here in London. She really is one of the most engaging, inspirational individuals I’ve met and my team have had nothing but positive feedback on how her training has improved not only their careers but their personal lives as well.”
"The team had awesome time with Jennifer and learned so much and was so excited to share their personality types with each other! Jennifer brought 16 Personalities framework in a lively and interactive way!

Lauren Kaplan

Marketing & Emerging Businesses


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Jessica LaRosa 

Director of Rooms at NoMad Hotel

New York

"Jennifer's EI training was amazing! I felt the immediate impact as soon as I left the class. It really helped me with my service, and helped me improve my relationship, and rapport with the guests of the hotel, and even in my outside everyday interactions."
"We hired Jennifer for a second time to do emotional intelligence training for our entire management team. The team absolutely loved it yet again! Jennifer is incredibly prepared and engaging while also providing future tools for continued growth. I can't recommend her enough!"
"Jennifer’s coaching is lighthearted. She feels like a best friend and guide who supports your vision while giving you direction with roadblocks that may arise in the pursuit. I noticed my growth and courage grew while working with her. In addition, Jennifer has a deep background in meditation and holistic practices that really give her guidance an edge. I highly recommend working with her!"


Private Client


Eric Middleton

Concierge at NED Hotel New York


Natalie Freihon

Founder of Strange Bird Hospitality 

Jennifer’s training brought out a side of my team that I didn’t know existed, in the best way possible. Her energy, passion and genuine enthusiasm is contagious and we were all excited to continue the conversation of how we can apply the concepts that we learned to the hospitality industry and our personal lives. After one training I saw service scores noticeably increase across our entire operations team, and I began receiving positive feedback on employees who hadn’t received many notable mentions previously. I’m looking forward to having Jenn work with my team again, and would absolutely invite her to train within any other industry that I may find myself in in the future.


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